About Kids at Home

Kids at Home provides a high standard of quality in-home childcare for children from birth to 5 years old. Our teachers and educators pride themselves on the quality of care and education each child receives.

We do not limit ourselves to one teaching method or development philosophy because we understand that your child is unique. We believe that each child has their own learning style and personality.

Kids at Home’s visiting teachers are fully qualified in early childcare and education; our teachers have many years of experience and expertise between them.

Kids at Home’s visiting teachers support your educator with regular visits and planning for your child’s education and development.

Our Vision

  • vision

    Kids at Home nurtures your child’s natural sense of curiosity and creates lifelong learners.

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    They learn more about their interests and about the world, most importantly, they learn how to adapt to a changing world. Play helps children remain creative and stimulates their imagination. We encourage play and learning through exploration.

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    Your child’s natural curiosity is the foundation for exploration and growth. Children explore to make sense of the world, develop and have fun; they start their lives by exploring the world around them. They learn through everything they see, touch, hear, smell, taste, and do.

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    Kids at Home looks forward to a rewarding partnership with you, in the care and education of your child.

Our Team

  • Educators

    Our dedicated team of educators are chosen for their commitment to provide quality, educational in-home childcare. They look forward to meeting you and your child. Strong relationships are formed with your educator and your child which will last long after you and your child have left Kids at Home.

  • Managers

    Each office of Kids at Home is supported by a Manager who is qualified and experienced in Early Childcare and Education. They are there to support, assist and guide their team in the best interest of your child’s care. Managers are chosen for their experience, understanding of in-home childcare, leadership and people skills.

  • Visiting teachers

    Kids at Home's visiting teachers are fully qualified in Early Childcare and Education; they support and assist your educator to provide an educational program for your child and facilitate free workshops for you (optional) and your educator. Our visiting teachers are committed to providing the best in-home childcare for your child. They provide feedback to you about your child's care and are there to answer any questions you may have.

  • Owners / Directors

    Kids at Home owners/directors are an integral part of the team, they value relationships that help strengthen and enhance Kids at Home as a team. They are experienced owners who recognise that having a great team around them is essential to maintaining a high standard of childcare, in a professional and yet fun environment.

  • Administration Team

    Kids at Home Admin team are friendly, professional and are there to assist you with any administration or account information you may require. The admin team work alongside your educator, visiting teachers and Managers.