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  1. Kids at Home is a trusted provider of high quality home-based education and care for preschool children.

  2. As a Kids at Home educator you can decide whether to provide full time or part time childcare.

  3. As a Kids at Home educator or nanny, you are an independent contractor, which means you can negotiate your own reimbursement rate with parents.

  4. Educators provide care and learning in the comfort of their own family home for preschool children.

  5. You will receive ongoing support from qualified early childhood teachers. Visiting teachers develop reciprocal relationships with educators built on trust and shared respect.

  6. All our educators and their children benefit from our play and music groups and Kids at Home excursions.

  7. Kids at Home offers free educational workshops and professional development for your continual development and interest.

  1. Kids at Home provides all educators nursery equipment as required, free of charge.

  2. At Kids at Home we pay for our educators to gain certificates in home-based childcare and first aid.

  3. If you are an aunty, family member or grandmother and are currently caring for, or would like to care for a family members child, why not consider joining our team?

  4. Educators are chosen for their warmth and love of children. All our educators are interested in children’s development and enjoy providing a wide variety of play and fun throughout the day.

  5. Kids at Home educators have their own sign-in area on our website where you can download forms.

  6. If you wish to supplement the family income working from home as a home-based educator and would like to join our childcare team or like to find out more, give us a call now on 0800 543 728

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